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FBG’s FanCash Program Terms

Effective: December 15, 2023

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) are the agreement between you and FBG Enterprises Opco, LLC, (“FBG”) setting forth how you can earn and use FanCash based on your transactions with Fanatics Sportsbook (“FanCash Program”). You agree that your participation in the FanCash Program is subject to these terms, the Fanatics FanCash Policy for Commerce Sites (defined below), and the applicable FBG Terms of Services and any applicable rules and policies  found in FBG app for your state, as may be modified by us, and all applicable laws, rules and regulations.  You also acknowledge that you have read the FBG Privacy Policy.

FanCash Program Changes & Termination

We may change or terminate the FanCash Program, or any part thereof, at any time, and we may add to and/or change these Terms at any time. For example, we could make changes related to:

We will also make changes to these Terms as needed to protect the integrity of the FanCash Program including to prevent abuse and help ensure the FanCash Program is being used as intended.  

No FanCash will be earned or redeemed after the effective date of our termination of the FanCash Program for Fanatics Sportsbook.


To participate in the FanCash Program you must: (1) be eligible to participate in sports wagering or gaming, (2) have an open, active account with FBG (“Account”) in good standing and (3) not on any involuntary state gambling exclusion list, state gambling self-exclusion list, and/or self-exclusion list for any Fanatics Sportsbook entity or subsidiary. You may only have one Account and may not use that Account for anyone other than yourself.  

How To Earn FanCash with Fanatics Sportsbook

        Fanatics Sportsbook:

For Fanatics Sportsbook, you will earn FanCash based on the amount bet on the settlement of your eligible cash bets on the Fanatics Sportsbook’s mobile app or website, provided that you do not end your bet using our Cash Out feature.  You can also earn FanCash when you make bets at any Fanatics Retail Sportsbook, provided you have a mobile Account that is linked to your player card.  If you already have a player card and open a new mobile Account, you will need to link your player card to that Account with the teller at the retail sportsbook account.  You will not earn FanCash on any bets that are cashed out using the Cash Out feature or are otherwise cashed out early or if you are subject to any betting limits or other restrictions.

The amount of FanCash you can earn will depend on the type of bet you place:

Type of Bet

Percentage of FanCash Earned

Straight Bet

Up to 1% of the amount bet[1]

Parlay Bet

Up to 3% of the amount bet

Same Game Parlay

Up to 5% of the amount bet

If a selection that is part of a parlay bet is canceled such that only one selection remains in the bet, then FanCash will be awarded as though the bet was a straight bet.  All eligible bets, including parlays or same game parlays, made using an Odds Boost will earn up to 1% back in FanCash.


FanCash awarded will be rounded to the nearest $.01.  This means that you will not earn FanCash if the amount you earn would be less than $.005.  

Bets made using bonus bets, free spins, or other types of promotional offers are not eligible to earn FanCash.  For the avoidance of doubt, canceled or voided wagers also do not earn FanCash.

FanCash may be withheld or revoked where FBG believes in its discretion that FanCash was  earned through or in connection with any fraud, abuse of the platform, or violation of the FBG Terms of Service in your state.

Redemption & Account Linking

FanCash should be redeemed online and cannot be earned or redeemed at Fanatics Sportsbook or certain commerce retail locations operated by our affiliates.

  1. Redemption Options

You can redeem your FanCash for bonus bets on Fanatics Sportsbook’s mobile app or website from the FanCash page in your Account.  You cannot redeem FanCash for play at Fanatics Sportsbook retail locations. If you choose to redeem your FanCash for bonus bets you can select the amount of FanCash you would like to redeem as long as it is more than the minimum bet amount of $.10. Once redeemed for a bonus bet, the bonus bet must be used in a single increment (i.e., if you redeem $20 of FanCash for a $20 bonus bet, you must use the entire $20 bonus bet on a single wager) and within ninety (90) days of your redemption of the bonus bet.  As with all bonus bets, if you win that bonus bet you will receive the winnings (but not the initial stake) as a deposit in your Sportsbook account.

You can also redeem your FanCash for discounts on eligible merchandise on and other eligible sites listed
here (collectively, “Commerce Sites”). You must be logged into your FanCash account to redeem FanCash on a Commerce Site.  In addition, if you choose to redeem FanCash on a Commerce Site you must redeem the entire amount.  For details on how you can earn FanCash through the Commerce Sites, please review the FanCash Policy-HD North America Main Site Group (  

  1. Email Verification/Linking Requirement

As part of the Fanatics ID and FBG account creation process you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address.  Please make sure you do this, as email verification is required to:

  1. Continue placing bets after 30 days of account creation; and
  2. Redeem for bonus bets, if you also have an account with any of the Commerce Sites (a “Commerce Account”);

If after you have set up your Fanatics ID, you later establish a Commerce account, You can link your FanCash accounts as follows:

  1. Create a new account on any of the Commerce Sites (a “Commerce Account) using the same email address  that you used to create your FBG Account; and
  2. Once you create the second account as set forth in (1) or (2) above, you will receive an email prompting you to click on a link to combine your FanCash accounts.

If you do not use the same email address for your Commerce Account and FBGAccount you will not be able to combine your FanCash accounts. That means that while you will continue to earn FanCash for eligible transactions on each platform, you will only be able to redeem the FanCash you earned on the platform on which you earned it. In other words, if you earn FanCash by placing eligible bets on Fanatics Sportsbook, you can only redeem that FanCash for bonus bets.

How to View Your FanCash Balance

If you have combined your FanCash accounts as set forth above, you can view your total FanCash balance on the FanCash page in the Fanatics Sportsbook app and on the FanCash banner of the homepage or the “MyFanCash” page found under the home account section ( If you have not combined your accounts, you will only see the FanCash you earned with each platform and not a combined balance. In addition, either we or our affiliates may send you communications about the FanCash Program, including your balance, activity, updates, offers, and other information.  For more information about your choices with respect to these communications, please see the Fanatics Sportsbook Privacy Policy.

FanCash Expiration

FanCash is non-transferable and FanCash earned through placing bets as described above expires 365 days after your last earning activity with the Fanatics family of companies.  Currently, earning activity means (1) making a qualifying bet with FBG or (2) making a qualifying purchase with Commerce.  For example, if you earned FanCash from bet placement on August 2, 2024 that FanCash will expire August 1, 2025. If, however, you make a qualifying purchase with Commerce on December 2, 2025, all your FanCash earned through the defined earning activities - including the FanCash earned from the bet placement in August - will expire on December 2, 2026. FanCash earned through other channels, including through Offers (defined below) or free to play games may have different expiration dates which will be disclose to you in the terms of that Offer or earning activity.

Remember if you redeem your FanCash for a bonus bet, that bonus bet must be placed within ninety (90) days from when the FanCash was redeemed for the bonus bet.

FanCash Clawbacks

If you redeem FanCash that we or one of our affiliated companies later determines was awarded in error or otherwise should have been deducted from your FanCash account (i.e., because you returned the merchandise for which you earned the FanCash), we reserve the right to withhold or clawback any future FanCash you earn up to the amount of FanCash that was awarded in error or otherwise should have been deducted from your FanCash account. Subject to any required regulatory limitations and/or approvals, we also reserve the right to withhold or require the return of any winnings made from any bonus bets redeemed using FanCash that was awarded in error or otherwise should have been deducted from your FanCash account.  

Promotional Offers

From time to time you may receive promotional offers regarding additional opportunities to earn FanCash from us (“Offers”). Each Offer will contain details on how you can earn FanCash and any limitations that may apply.  Your Account must be active and in good standing as of the date we determine whether you have met the terms of the Offer to receive the promotional FanCash amount.

Termination of Rewards Program Participation & Loss of FanCash

Participation in the FanCash Program is a privilege and as such can be suspended, revoked, limited or terminated at any time by FBG for any reason. If we believe (in our sole discretion) that you are or have abused, misused or gamed the FanCash Program or Fanatics generally or have violated the terms of this or any other agreement you have with FBG or any of our related entities, including but not limited to any Commerce Sites, we may:

In addition, violations of the terms or other agreements with FBG may also result in the suspension, revocation, limitation, or termination of your ability to earn and redeem FanCash on any Commerce Site, as well as your loss of any FanCash earned through your activities on any Commerce Sites.  

Unless required by law, FanCash is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be transferred, sold or distributed to others and cannot be applied to shipping, expenses or sales taxes.


The FanCash Program and/or any of its features may be unavailable, inaccurate or interrupted from time to time for a variety of reasons. We are not responsible for any unavailability, interruptions or errors of the Rewards Program or its features. FBG or its affiliates may from time to time request information from you to confirm your identity before it will allow use of your FanCash. FBG may delay your access to FanCash until you comply with this information request. The FanCash Program and all the information accessible through it are provided for information purposes only on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We, our information providers and their agents make no warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to, accuracy, currency, or completeness, the operation of the FanCash Program, the information, materials, content, availability, and products.

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[1] Since FanCash is rounded to the nearest $.01, it is possible based on the amount of your bet that you might earn slightly less than the percent noted.